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Our Farm Shop sells our own farm produced meats, and a selection of locally produced artisan products to give our guests some convenient, simple, holiday meal choices and snacks, quite literally from 'farm to fork'!

All of our lambs are grass-fed native breeds, and our rare breed pork is reared free range in our own woodlands from Oxford Sandy & Black pigs.

Our meats are frozen, so if you would like anything to be ready to use on arrival, just let us know in advance of your stay and we can have it defrosted and ready for you in the fridge.

We normally have sausages, bacon and eggs available, along with lamb chops and burgers. 

If you're planning a big Sunday lunch or celebration meal, please ask us to see what joints we have available at the time of your stay.

From Easter to October each property has it's own BBQ and tool set,

with BBQ fuel that can be purchased on site.

We run the shop as an honesty system with a cash-box and self service contactless card machine available to make payments.

Before you arrange an on-line delivery of groceries for your stay at Manor House Farm Cottages,

see what we've got available below for the full farm experience.

See what we've got in stock.

Free range, reared in woodland here at Manor Farm from our rare breed
Oxford Sandy & Black pigs and Pasture-Fed native breed Lambs.

Olde English - Packs of 6
Cumberland - Packs of 6
Lamb - Pack of 6

Free range, reared in woodland here at Manor Farm
from our rare breed Oxford Sandy & Black pigs.
Back Bacon - Packs of 8

Streaky Bacon - Packs of 12
Collar - Pack of 8

Free range eggs from our hybrid and native breed flock here at Manor Farm.

Reared free range in woodland here at Manor Farm
from our rare breed Oxford Sandy & Black pigs.
Back Bacon - Packs of 12
Streaky Bacon - Packs of 12

Pasture-Fed native breed Lamb Burgers.
Sold Out

Other Meat
If you're planning a celebration meal, Sunday lunch, or a BBQ,
please ask and we can let you know what we have in stock at the time of your visit.

We may have:

Lamb: Chops/Rack of lamb/Shoulder/Leg steaks
Pork: Ribs/


For the BBQ

The freezer is well stocked with sausages, Burgers, Lamb steaks, & Lamb chops.

Each property has it's own BBQ, and BBQ tools.
BBQ fuel is sold on site, so you have everything you need.


Locally Produced Artisan Products

Hedgerow Preserves produce a lovely locally sourced tomato ketch and brown sauce to accompany your sausage, bacon and eggs from the farm.

Cooking oil
Brock & Morten produce a range of rapeseed cooking oils in Ashford in the water. You can see the yellow fields on the other side of the valley in summer.
Useful if you need some oil for your fry-up!

Biscuits & Crackers
Artisan Biscuits produce a range of sweet biscuits a
nd savoury crackers just down the road in Ashbourne.

Jam & Chutney
Hedgerow Preserves produce a range of jams and chutneys packed full of handpicked and foraged fruits. Don't worry if you've forgotten to bring some jam for your toast, or if you need a chutney as a present for the person who'd feeding your cat!

Ice Cream
A selection of ice-creams from Matlock Meadows Diary


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